Sunday, August 16, 2009

How to Open Blocked Sites Unblock Websites at Work

How to open blocked sites, unblock websites like orkut, Facebook, Bebo, MySpace at work or school

University students often fail to open blocked websites at University Computer labs, these tips going to help you unblock websites at work or school or universities.

In so many countries like UAE, China, Iran Internet is filtered to block websites, Most of the websites related to sex,pop culture are blocked in UAE,they also block websites sell swimming suits

Following tricks show you how to bypass internet filter to access blocked websites

1).By using Mobile browsers as proxy

Opera mobile phone browser: opera mini simulator is a mini web browser most popular for checking design of web pages, this tinny web browser requires download, the feel of browsing and look of browser is as same as a mobile device browser, you can download it here

Use Google Mobile services as a proxy server. copy the following url in to your web browser, add blocked website address in the end like shown below

If you want to open, you have to type it like this

2).You can use IP address instead of URL of the website,(use ping command in command prompt fallowing with website name to find the IP address of website) but some blocking softwares identify IP address of websites by reverse DNS lookup

3).There are enormous proxy servers available online, browse websites through proxy server, A proxy server fetch any website as anonymous browsing, use any of these proxy servers, type the website address you want to open


2).Evade Filters

3).Rocket Surf

4).Proxy box

5).Self Hide


7).Proxy Easy

8).Evade Filters

4).Convert blocked website URL in to sniper or tiny URL by using or, these are URL redirection service can find a way around to avoid internet filtering softwares

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